ethiopia Geopolitical Analysis

Geopolitical Imperatives of Ethiopia’s Quest for Red Sea Access: A Historical and Strategic Analysis

Abstract: This academic paper delves into the multifaceted dimensions of Ethiopia’s pursuit of access to the Red Sea, as articulated by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. The text, which emerged from a televised speech, outlines Ethiopia’s historical, geographical, demographic, and strategic imperatives for seeking access to the Red Sea. By drawing upon a historical perspective and…

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Anticipating Challenges in Ethiopia’s Near Future: A Comprehensive Outlook

Ethiopia is facing a number of threats, including: Violent crime: Ethnic militias from South Sudan have crossed into Ethiopia to attack rival communities. The security situation is extremely unstable. Civil unrest: The threat of violent crime, civil unrest, and tribal clashes is high. Terrorism: The threat of terrorist attacks, including kidnapping, is particularly high. Natural…

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