The Ethiopia-Somaliland Port Deal: A Geopolitical Gamble Amidst Regional Tensions and Security Threats

Ethiopia’s Strategic Calculus in the Horn of Africa: Navigating New Dynamics Post Somaliland Port Agreement

By Paulo Santos, Horn of Africa Analyst 1. Introduction to Ethiopia’s Regional Role and Current Landscape Ethiopia has historically been a pivotal nation in the Horn of Africa. Today, it faces a complex web of relationships and tensions with regional powers like Eritrea, Egypt, and Somalia. Recent developments, such as Ethiopia’s port deal with Somaliland,…

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ethiopia Geopolitical Analysis

Geopolitical Imperatives of Ethiopia’s Quest for Red Sea Access: A Historical and Strategic Analysis

Abstract: This academic paper delves into the multifaceted dimensions of Ethiopia’s pursuit of access to the Red Sea, as articulated by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. The text, which emerged from a televised speech, outlines Ethiopia’s historical, geographical, demographic, and strategic imperatives for seeking access to the Red Sea. By drawing upon a historical perspective and…

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Anticipating Challenges in Ethiopia’s Near Future: A Comprehensive Outlook

Ethiopia is facing a number of threats, including: Violent crime: Ethnic militias from South Sudan have crossed into Ethiopia to attack rival communities. The security situation is extremely unstable. Civil unrest: The threat of violent crime, civil unrest, and tribal clashes is high. Terrorism: The threat of terrorist attacks, including kidnapping, is particularly high. Natural…

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Renaissance Dam (GERD)

Update on Ethiopia’s GERD: A Glimpse into the Current Scenario

September 20, 2023 The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), an imposing hydroelectric structure on the Blue Nile River, has reached its fourth and final filling, announced by Ethiopia. This milestone emerges amidst prolonged disagreements over water allocation with downstream nations, Egypt and Sudan. Both countries voice apprehensions about potential reductions in their Nile water allocations…

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